Many teams in the NFL have impressive names to boast about, while the Los Angeles Rams offered memorable and incredible stars making this team so iconic. Over a period of nearly 50 years, the Rams sported a rich mixture which shaped professional football as we know it today. Starting in the early years from 1949-1956, the Rams attracted attention from their Three-End Formation combining Elroy Hirch, Norm Van Brocklin, Bob Waterfield, and Tom Fears. Initially it was Waterfield who starred as Quarterback in 1951, however he was replaced with Van Brocklin soon after. With a bit of help from Elroy Hirch, he helped develop the offense style (as wide receiver), and gave the Rams televised coverage for every game after that. la_rams
By 1965 had gained impressive numbers of fans who gathered to see these stars in action. It was at this time the Rams has gained the legendary ˝Fearsome Foresome˝ with a line-up that included: Rosey Grier, Merlin Olsen, Deacon Jones, and Lamar Lundy. The stadium fans swarmed to see these men in action and actually doubled the number of fans in a single season and marking the first NFL ˝one million˝ spectator mark in the 1967 season! Though by the 1970’s the fans could still be charmed by ‘Star Quarterback’: Roman Gabriel and ‘Receiver’ Jack Snow. As solid as they played the Rams went on to win 7 straight NFC West championship games! The 70’s also offered such great stars featuring Jack Youngblood dubbed the: ˝Perfect Defense End˝ by hall of famer Merlin Olsen. There was also Fred Dryer and Joe Namath who later became Hollywood celebs from the attention and admiration they drew at that time.

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About the time the Los Angeles Rams were at their weakest in division winnings, the Rams’ third-year Quarterback Vince Ferragamo led the team to the 1979 Super Bowl with highlight players including: Wendell Tyler, Jackie Slater, Jack Youngblood, and Jack ˝Hacksaw˝ Reynolds. After this point the team stars began to thin-out due to several factors. Facing a move from L.A. to Anaheim caused a split in fans and televised games. Despite huge crowds the Rams recovered star attractions in the period from: 1983-1991, with a freshly-drafted ‘Running Back’: Eric Dickerson, who went on to win ˝Rookie of the Year˝! Also featured at that time was ‘Quarterback’: Jim Everett who later was shadowed by the nagging ˝Phantom Sack˝ collapse he suffered in their 1989 NFC championship game with the 49ers. Eventually in the final years on the L.A. Rams, the star players were near to faded before the team move to St. Louis.